Kilwins Grapevine/Lizzybell Sweets, LLC

Kilwins Grapevine/Lizzybell Sweets, LLC


Sweets & Treats

About Us

We sell the world’s best hand-paddled fudge, our Original Recipe Ice Cream, and loads of fresh candy and chocolate treats made right in the store!

Stop by for fresh caramel corn, brittles, and a PERFECT Caramel Apple dipped in caramel, hand-made right in our copper kettles.

We feature 24 SUPER-premium Original Recipe ice cream flavors to make any day better~ don't forget to add a FRESH waffle cone or waffle bowl baked right in our store!

We feature the sweets and treats you need for any gifting occasion- we can't wait to see you!


  • Perfect Caramel Apples
  • Hand Paddled Fudge
  • Super Premium Ice Cream


Owner Elizabeth Bartlett hand-paddling Kilwins' famous fudge!
Kilwins' famous SeaSalt Caramel Fudge-YUM!
The PERFECT Kilwins' Peanut Caramel Apple- Heavenly!
Treats for every occasion!
So many goodies!
Cool off with the BEST super-premium Ice Cream Treat!
NutCracker Sweets Copper Kettle-Cooked Popcorn!