Healthy Life Coaching package discount

Offer Valid: 01/01/2021 - 01/01/2022
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Uniquely Made coaching services include Healthy Life Coaching and Strength Finder Coaching. Healthy Life Coaching works with discovering and moving towards clients goals in getting "whole life healthy" .. nutrition, exercise, and finding life/work/personal balance. This holistic approach to health also often includes stress reduction techniques and developing healthy sleep patterns. Life Coaching techniques are used and are applicable to anyone with goals and dreams who wants a sounding board and accountability partner to achieve them. Strength Finder Coaching works with clients by moving through their unique Clifton Strength Finder assessment results.. one by one .. uncovering how to achieve their best self in the process. Clients can choose which form of coaching or combination serves their needs best. Sessions are held over the phone and are scheduled according to client needs and goals. For more information please visit or @uniquelymade12 on Facebook.

With this package discount, clients are given 1 free session for every 5 paid in full (buy 5 get the 6th for free), there is no limit to how many packages can be purchased. Payment is accepted via paypal or check. 

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